If the pH and resistivity are perfect, but the redox is out of balance, then the body just doesn't function well. We do 2-3 enemas per week, for about 2 years. Search on Ebay or DuckDuckGo for piperazine citrate. DebugYourHealth.com does not receive any money from the sale, referral fees, or advertisements of any products mentioned on this site. If I'm picking up the signal in the liver, gallbladder, pancreas that can be liver flukes, pancreatic flukes, or maybe nematode or possibly protozoa. Dr. Yu uses EAV testing / Acupuncture Meridian Assessment to assess parasite load and other bodily stressors. \$F`SUgWo>v3&KM)T+e7n/;`6W|?;;}Ym3Bu@AcO1 W ;h[9_O JDU1Dtk(xHSlvoP>RZ'Rzr8EB=/Lt Even then they can be difficult to kill. Q: My question to you is, did you start losing weight after you dewormed? We learned a lot from Dr. Yu, but unfortunately he was also missing some key pieces of the parasite puzzle. Theyre overlooked because there are no reliable ways to detect parasites, and we assume parasites are only in third world countries One of the hardest parts of treating parasites as a physician is that there are no reliable tests available. Why? Hi about to do Simon yus parasite protocol, klinghardt version not full on enough. How about this belly? They weren't. The practitioner then declares the parasites gone. His recent bookAcciDental Blow Up in Medicine: Battle Plan for Your Lifeis a fantastic resource for patients and clinicians alike. I have no scientific evidence to back this up. More details about equipment, administration, etc. I think it depends on how long youve had them, how well established they are, and how your overall system is functioning. 27 0 obj If it is in the brain, it can be anything. Here is a brief summary video: Worms have ~100x the level of metals, toxins, bacteria & viruses that we have in our bodies. I also wouldnt prescribe Alinia to everyone as a general protocol, it can be especially hard on the liver. Key: f=flukes, w=worms, p=protozoan, h=recognized in hindsight (i.e. We have noticed a huge improvement in our health from changing our diet, but I think that was because it helped heal our guts, not because it was eradicating parasites. After the enema, I disinfect with 91% alcohol from the drugstore, wash with water, let everything dry, and then reuse. This site does not imply that everyone should do the same or can achieve similar results. 28 0 obj We know what parasite medication works on what parasites. Are you more concerned generally with the smaller protozoan parasites or, the larger parasites like the worms and helminths or nematodes? These unexpected miraculous results have lead Dr. Yu to believe that parasites and dental infections are major contributing factors in 90% of all major chronic illnesses, including cancer. I would put them on natural parasite remedies like wormwood, black walnut, clove oil, and patients generally got better. Once EMFs were identified as a stressor, he then looked for things that might be associated to the EMF stress and found heavy metals were playing a role. So I use Pyrantel pamoate or Mebendazole depending on how they tested. Dr. Yu encountered several miracle-improvements using parasite medication and wrote two books about his experiences:Accidental Cure: Extraordinary Medicine for Extraordinary Patients, and Accidental Blow Up in Medicine: Battle Plan for Your Life. x\K/a37 99 +YlIOY$lv=/Y,V}`yu)a6o~WPf4X~|F7yj#0jV,Lqf}q>~R58%I i`~/cz5PN"I?Hxbh0J1BNw ttGso$RH5_x{!LeHq/(%8Hztq o.p/ yo6pmxo9nH]#b#/SqwJ=0n&AUN`W 2?6q=&&3w4`L3D/6(1|7T$LH,^*M*F=Si[>xuvUQ%F@FxDG@hYdb4>v:+{ PEW`z=unP%X)`v<5:(?c@'a(65J03#yTSUN,;!6_(*G8vT= _C=@~oQO28'Y$4FEZmHm4 0VN7(U`Mv%beLweT?d4D'~&10SSAti Heres my take: Parasites are very hard to kill [2]. He also strongly recommends flushing after every round of parasite medications (for adults only). We could all use a good cleaning! This point is traditionally not one that is associated with parasites, but guess what? I see migraine headaches go away all the time. We felt very ill. 17 0 obj Generally we tested for medications and started the rounds 1 week before the full moon. JFIF C A: When parasites die, they can release all kinds of bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals. <> What is your opinion of it? Here is what I recommend for parasite testing, and my comments on each one, in order from most effective to least effective: Here are the details of what we ended up having. endobj Note that although our family had mostly the same parasites, we ended up needing different medications in different doses for a different length of time. Mebex and Pyrantel Pamoate in the Kalcker Protocol are great for worms. I check for 40 main acupuncture points known for thousands of years. Dr. Simon Yu wrote an interesting article about a guy who balanced his acupuncture meridians with a 40 day fast. A: I almost fainted when the first baseball-sized tape worm came out of my 3 year old. Overall, the medications testing the best for us were Mebex, Diethyl, Praziquantel, and Ivermectin. No permission is granted to use the information in any way except to enhance the reader's own personal knowledge. Q: Is it OK to take parasite medications with other medications? As usual, they are in rank order from the most important puzzle piece to the least important puzzle piece. Dont kids usually have night wakings? we have used but not in the context of helping with parasites. Energy: Reiki, acupressure points, meditation. from Washington University and an M.S. Kerri Rivera has adapted the protocols for autism. Any thoughts on Diatomaceous earth? My sense is that if there is an acute exposure, these foods might help prevent the parasites in humans from becoming established. In meeting our goal for treating the whole person, Body, Mind and Spirit and creating a maximum opportunity for healing, Chaplain Pauls services for patients and families at Prevention and Healing include the following: Provides individual consultation for patients to assess their Health and Wellness and to identify areas that need strengthening. He has also organized three meetings in Europe for doctors and dentists with Dr. Yu. Copyright 2020 Cancer Patient Freedom - All Rights Reserved. I use my knowledge of any symptoms that might be going on, like a flu going around school, chelation work, or parasite medications. WhatsApp. Many people think of parasites as primarily a gastrointestinal issue. If I could do it all over again, here is a list of what I would do, in order from first to last: Phew. I had to ramp up my focus on detoxification, including colonics, in order to remain functional while on the protocol. He has been practicing Internal Medicine for 35 years, Integrative Medicine for 25 years, and worked as a medical director and physician at a regional HMO for 10 years. Its like a crap shoot with only one die. To learn more about our data collection practices, please visit our Privacy Policy. We sometimes noticed parasites coming out immediately, but often they came out the morning after the enema. I tried to minimize the number of rounds with Tinidazole, since it required 3-4 months of very strict dieting and anti-fungals. Our experience was consistent with his theories. Nothing seemed to be working. endobj Details and instructional videos for Liver Massage are over in the Gallbladder section. I then test items that we have that would support these topics. We decided to fly the whole family to St. Louis to work with Dr. Simon Yu. Before I got cancer like my mother. <> However, we saw no evidence that it helped with our parasite issues. To contact Chaplain Paul, call 314-440-1527, our office, or email pjoh420@aol.com. Full time position. Helminth infectioninduced malignancy PLOS Pathogens, July 2017. Q: After treatments are the results long-lasting or do you catch parasites again and need more treatments? As an unknown threat that we often overlook parasite, fungal, and dental problems. Testing methods are essential to figuring out parasite medications. Its a continual spectrum. Dr. Yu discovered parasites are an underestimated source of many diseases after serving as a Reserve Medical Corps Officer in South America doing parasite treatment for large numbers of. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD and the Klinghardt Academy hosted "A Deep Look Beyond Lyme" May 6-8, 2011 in Redmond, WA. 25 0 obj Herbals/Naturals: Black Walnut Capsules from Seroyal, Wormwood (from various companies and we grew our own), Garlic, Papaya, Para-Rid, DE, GSE, Castor Oil. While I was there, I decided to schedule an appointment to have him evaluate me with his AMA system as well as it had been several years. <> Many parasites spend part of their life cycle in the digestive tract. We also took some other supportive supplements while taking the parasite medications. When you are at the end of your rope, call Dr Yu. These short, wimpy medication rounds drive them deeper into hiding in the body. 1.55K subscribers Subscribe 22K views 4 years ago Watch Simon Yu, MD's presentation on Parasite Medications for Targeting Cancer Cells, delivered at. An article from Dr. Simon Yu, MD AutismOne on Healing Autism: An Accidental Cure by Optimists Dr. Yu has written an extremely interesting article mentioning Kerri, Andreas Kalcker and their successes healing autism with the help of chlorine dioxide and ridding the body of parasites. The Enema Section has an instructional video showing how we test. While he's not requesting to see me again for a year, I'll definitely be back. [5] Honeycutt J, Hammam O, Fu CL, Hsieh MH. But fortunately for us, we have Dr. Simon Yu, MD. Dr. Simon Yu On Parasites, Dental Infections and Cancer The following is a heavily edited transcript of an interview with St Louis internist, Dr. Simon Yu. The only exception is Tinidazole (antibiotic used for protozoans), which is usually covered. Tetiana provides infusion and therapy services to patients at Prevention and Healing. We find that psychiatric medication can turn out to have some anti-parasitic activity this is an interesting phenomenon. Mama. 13 0 obj endobj He has a B.S. <> Dr. Yu discovered parasites are an underestimated source of many diseases after serving as a Reserve Medical Corps Officer in South America doing parasite treatment for large numbers of people. I keep testing, especially starting one week before the full and new moons. Dr. Yu also wanted to stop our medications once our acupuncture meridians were clear. Dr. We were very sick the first few rounds and saw lots of flukes and worms coming out in our stool, through our urinary tract, and we even coughed a few up! I theorize that the reason medications sometimes dont test well together is because the excretory and detox organs become overloaded. I recommend putting it in a capsule before swallowing. Copyright 2021 Prevention & Healing | All Rights Reserved | Privacy. We did notice the childrens bellies becoming flatter after excretion of large worms. It is technically in the class of antibiotics). Shocking actually. The primary known cause of seizures is parasites. And cancer patients had their condition became more stable. We ended up only taking Levamisole orally for a few days at a time. This is the best time to detect parasites. Often parasites need to be hit with several medications at once to die [2]. He uses the most aggressive (in my case) prescription drugs, which I desperately needed, and every other enhancement therapy (ozone and ultralight) to eliminate the parasites and subsequent infections. My brain fog has lessened but I am getting headaches. He then retested the meridians and found that my large intestine, liver, and allergy-immunology (modern disease) points were out of balance (as seen in the image). We would test again every few weeks to determine how long to take the medications. Dr. Yu offers Training on Acupuncture Meridian Assessment (AMA) twice a year in St. Louis for doctors, dentists and health professionals. Human Skin Parasites Page at UC Davis. Yuk!! After working for months in Egypt, this woman and all her colleagues got sick. Diploma for acupuncture Certified by NCCAOM, Dipl.Ac. The new Kalcker protocol now has MMS, probiotics, and other additions that I cannot recommend. Here is a Youtube Video with details about the glass jar method. So I'm reverse engineering pharmacologys information. endobj 21 0 obj Oriental Medical Doctor, Licensed Acupuncturist, Director of Health and Wellness Resources. Finally, he found the only point that was imbalanced - it was the allergy immunology point. 14 0 obj <> Now with modern technology, we have an electronic device so we can measure the meridian system more precisely. We used our home energy testing to find out if we should use Diethyl or Mebex (see videos below). Board Certification: American Board of Internal Medicine. <> 12 0 obj For dental and allergy points, what I see not only the hidden dental materials like amalgam, mercury, cadmium, palladium, nickel, or those environmental toxins and the infections, especially parasites. As head of a paramedic unit, he treated 20,000 Peruvians for parasites. I'm not interested in naming the name of the parasite. Was this information useful? Unfortunately there are very few practitioners in the western world who know rhow to diagnose, let alone treat parasites in humans. It also seemed that around this time the parasites built up some immunity to Mebendazole (Mebex). Our optimal enema seems to be the ones that are based on either our home energy testing or ZYTO results. A big focus of his practice seems to be on hidden problems such as dental and parasite problems. Information is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. Sometimes they are praziquantel/mebex/diethyl, sometimes nutrients, sometimes drainage/ detox remedies. I use the following criteria: I have actually found that #1 and #2 above might be clear, but we are still testing well on parasite medications. We experienced this directly when our youngest child had a huge Lyme flare-up right after several worm pieces came out. Home. Pinterest. The most heartbreaking parasite symptom for me is seizures. [ 20 0 R] 16 0 obj The best for getting parasite symptoms to temporarily disappear was probably the Seroyal Black Walnut capsules. This was good news. z Prof. G.Steidl protocol: Rizol Gamma - 10 drops in water, t.i.d. Stay up to date with the latest from Prevention and Healing, Inc. I would recommend this testing for any professional looking for VALUE and ACCURATE results. So, back on three more ten-day cycles of parasite treatment with an additional three liver-gallbladder flushes. from a 24 hour Fasting Protocol to a 7-14 day Fasting Protocol. In hindsight, I wish I had whacked the parasites longer and harder, as I learned to do after the first few rounds. I have night sweating and nasal congestion, which I normally never have. Q: What about taking probiotics with parasite medications? It was all just phenomenal. Parasite protocol. We did not dig through our stools, we just observed what was easy to see. Sometimes parasite medications test well alone but not in combination. He then did a provocation technique which puts additional stress on the system to find previously hidden or unrevealed issues. A: Weve tried pretty much every enema system. From a recent article of Dr. Simon Yu, Most parasite problems may manifest outside of the GI tract, i.e. Not only does MD stand for Medical Doctor, but in his case, it also stands for "medical detective." Bio-Cybernetics & Energy Medicine - Dr. Simon Yu 2,662 views Aug 17, 2013 Dr. Simon Yu, founder of the Prevention & Healing clinic, provides a preview of his presentation at the 8th. Weve been taking Chlorella for many years, I havent seen that clinically or energetically showing up as beneficial for parasites. Our parasites got smart and switched their activity to the New Moon after about 6 months, so we switched our Kalcker protocol rounds to the New Moon too. endobj In 1994, he came to Washington University School of Medicine at St. Louis for medical research. Quoting from a friend who described it very well, It is definitely the most difficult protocol I have tried. in Wuhan, China. Some of us could not tolerate as many medications at once, likely due to liver or kidney overload, or detox issues. %&'()*456789:CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZcdefghijstuvwxyz oCx#? 5 0 obj We're just exploring the tie into the whole matrix system. Dr. Simon Yu generally believes that parasites must be whacked long and hard with medications in order to die. Before I got cancer like my mother. } !1AQa"q2#BR$3br She and all her collegues got sick. Note that these are educated guesses, based mostly on hindsight. ToxinAbsorbmax, Lumbrokinase, L-Methylfolate, E3 Live, Lumbrokinase, Liposomal Vitamin C, Liposomal C, Vitamin C, Dessicated Hypothalmus, Praziquantel, Mebendazole (Mebex), Diethyl, Vascular Terrain, Stomach Terrain, Liver Terrain, Praziquantel, Lumbrokinase, Neem tincture, 1 tab, 2x/day for 10 days before meals, then repeated 3 weeks later, 2 tabs, 2x/day for 10 days before meals, then repeated 3 weeks later, 1 tab, 2x/day all month long (note: antifungal for Tinidazole), 1 tsp, 2x/day, for 20 days (when not on Kalcker Pyrantel), 1.5 tabs, 2x/day, for the rest of the month NOTE: Diethyl started after complaining of itchy bum & testing well on Diethyl. for Dr. Simon Yu: Parasite Patient Testimonial - YouTube Patient was working for months in Egypt. Dosing key: Dr. Andreas Kalcker says that it takes 12-18 months to get rid of worms, and our experience so far agrees with him. by Simon Yu Paperback $27.95 This Is Your Brain On Parasites: How Tiny Creatures Manipulate Our Behavior and Shape Society by Kathleen McAuliffe Paperback $16.99 Customers who viewed this item also viewed Page 1 of 1 Start over Accidental Cure: Extraordinary Medicine for Extraordinary Patients Simon Yu 92 Paperback 22 offers from $16.00 I have yet to see an herb-only protocol that works. BetterHealthGuy.com. endobj annab2015. In August, I wrote a blog about attending Dr. Simon Yu's Acupuncture Meridian Assessment (AMA) Training course. A: For some reason, there are a lot of practitioners prescribing these short, small, all-medication rotation rounds. Contact the nearest medical school teaching hospital or medical . Dr. Yu: Actually, I do not separate them. I've been doing DNA tests that find that people have parasite problems in dental cavitations (pockets left after tooth removal) and in periodontal problems. I started doing this when I noticed that our worms were becoming resistant to Mebendazole (Mebex), so I switched to Diethyl. How important are these in the work that you do with patients? If you would like to donate to my work, I thank you in advance and send you my gratitude. We did constantly monitor our detoxification, drainage, and methylation during parasite medication rounds. It is taking all my willpower to keep up. We switched to Diethylcarbamazine (Diethyl) in some rounds instead of the Mebex or in addition to it. I only started doing them because of an itchy bum, and I found them quite effective at relieving the itchy bum. Thankful for the better moods and flat bellies of the children. Subsequent rounds after the first few initial kills didnt make us feel nearly as sick. The ones testing well I then test in combinations to see how many our bodies can tolerate at a time. Learn how to treat dental, fungal and parasite problems to heal the immune system, and begin to write your own story. Answer: This child put out a baseball size tapeworm on her first enema. The information presented here is a summary of the things that I learned the hard way through years of my life and tens of thousands of dollars. It's hard to get rid of parasites if you have a dental infection. I recommend taking probiotics 1st thing in the morning instead of last thing at night, if for some reason they must be taken. I think most people with chronic illness, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, MS, Parkinson's, and other neurologic disorders or cancer, at least 90% of the time, have problems with parasites and dental problems. Note that Diethyl is not as well tolerated as Mebex, so I recommend encapsulating it before taking orally, and only using 1-2 pills max of Diethyl in an enema. Barb is a nurse focusing in holistic/integrative medicine. Parasites, fungi, and dental issues are three of the commonly overlooked factors that may hold people back from achieving optimal health. The article Are Parasite Medications Safe? goes into more detail about each of these medications. Klinghardt has suggested that when it comes to parasites, this is where some of the pharmaceutical options really shine and are often necessary. Quote from Better Health Guy.com. In our experience, most of the parasite medications we took were well tolerated. Nope. I believe the idea is to flush out any parasites that have died and might be stuck in the gallbladder, liver or bile ducts. . Vision variations (f,w,h) NOTE: I went from -6.5 and -7 prescription to -4.5 after clearing up the majority of my parasites! Then you can do a gallbladder and liver flush. The Longevity Diet, by Valter Longo, Ph.D., published in 2018, features a 5-Day Fasting-Mimicking Diet for the all the health benefits of fasting without the . While exposing my system to EMR/EMFs as yet another interrogation technique, he then found that the meridians associated with my immune system and endocrine system became imbalanced. She also performs therapies, often via IV, such as nutritional support, chelation, and blood irradiation that treat underlying causes of illness and disease. For the other medications, you can try to get an RX from a doctor (! Its amazing how much better one can feel after flushing! All medications listed in a round were taken at the same time. Was this helpful? With DNA tests, we often find not only all different microbes but parasites such as protozoa and entamoeba that go down to the gut. Either hit parasites hard and fast with the correct medications, or dont try to hit at all. I was still working hard, going to the gym, and doing well overall, but the lack of sleep was taking a toll. A: I am of the opinion that probiotics feed worms. If they respond to Alinia or Tinidazole, maybe I'm dealing with protozoa. Training with Dr. Simon Yu in St. Louis - Parasitology. Chronic anemia (f,h) no matter how much liver we ate, we were always on the borderline of anemia. Provides teaching and educational opportunities for dealing with complex Issues of Human Spirituality, Chronic Disease, End of Life, Spiritual Assessment, Spiritual Empowerment, Healing and Maintaining Health and Wellness. Note that I havent done final blood testing to confirm that the anemia is 100% gone yet, but preliminary tests indicate that it is. A: It depends on the other medications. Im looking for infections. Parasites have been on this earth longer than we have, and they are hard to eradicate [2]. Here is a patient testimonial Dr. Retzek shared with Dr. Yu. I have a whole binder of negative parasite stool test results. Dr. Yu recommended a long-term protocol with more focus on metals specifically with the hope that it will reduce any EMF sensitivity that may be playing a role in any remaining sleep issues. Furthermore, some may need higher doses of Mebex and Pyrantel taken for a longer period of time than in the Kalcker protocol. Homeopathics: Cina, rounds of custom UNDA#s, Para-chord, Para-Solve, various NET Remedies, Constitutional Remedies. 10.6K subscribers Simon Yu, MD: Dental, Parasites, and Energy Medicine: missing Links for Medical Incurables Presented at IAOMT's 2016 Annual Conference in Reno, NV. I eventually realized that the flush was much more effective if done fasting, so I switched to only flushing after every 2 rounds of parasite medications instead of after every round. 10 0 obj In this video, she thanks Dr. Simon Yu of St. Louis, an integrative MD and US Army Reserve Medical Corps physician (retired as a Full Colonel), who developed this form of treatment. Information is intended for the reader's personal use only. This will hopefully keep them away from the parasites that tend to be active and feeding at night. Mebendazole, Diethyl, Ivermectin, Alinia, Albendazole: Tindazole: Rite-Aid, CVS,etc with RX (usually covered) or All Day Chemist (Note: if you take Tinda, you must be on ADP and tighten up on sugars & carbs for 3-4 months afterwards. Every time I excrete it smells pretty foul. Information presented on this site is not intended to serve as medical advice. Google has plenty of example pictures, as does the Bottoms Up Facebook Group. You are pulling the toxins from your oral cavity. I do still think that herbs can be useful for new infestations, although they arent very effective at long-standing infections. Noone de-worms their kids in America. I would be very curious to know if this man had worms or flukes. It is especially important for those people who are going through the parasite and fungal cleansing to go through the cycle of a gall bladder and liver flush. After that it was not well tolerated. Pingfan Liu studied for five years and graduated in 1987 from Hubei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (T.C.M.) It wasn't until 2001 when I came back from Bolivia that I decided to try these pharmaceutical parasite medications to see how patients responded. <> HeliR - July 7, 2019. In December 2019, I returned for a follow-up with Dr. Yu hoping that the parasites would be a thing of the past. Q: Did you ever try turpentine? Some parasites can be acquired from undercooked or raw food, but many are in the environment. Zapper: Yes, we even have a Hulda Clark Zapper. Highly motivated people, such as somebody who is really sick, it is good to do coffee enemas. Share. Instructional videos showing how we test can be found in the next section. MMS Protocol for Parasites: Chlorine Dioxide enemas - activate as instructed by your practitioner. <> Around January 2019, I started having sleep problems for the first time in my life. If somebody had IBS, an intestinal problem, I would check the meridian system showing the large intestine is out of balance. Below are the details of our parasite medication rounds. From a recent article of Dr. Simon Yu, "Most parasite problems may manifest outside of the GI tract, i.e. Infection is a first-line I am trying to fix. We have tried every kind of enema possible. He found typical Ascaris larvae in her darkfield blood analysis. Vitamin D and Vitamin C, that were for general immune support but not necessarily for parasites. Worden Medical Specialties. We have experienced recurrence of parasite symptoms, even after #1 and #2 are clear. The one exception was Diethyl, which tended to upset our stomach. I learned a great deal If its an issue in the large intestine or small intestine, it is usually larger ones like the tapeworm, nematode. Below is a list of our personal primary symptoms. At first I was totally grossed out and freeeked out when I saw these things coming out of us. But medical professionals are afraid to treat parasites unless we can identify and name the type of parasites. However, they are not as effective against flukes or protozoan parasites. 3Xs" M$ Slowly, however, I became thankful that these odd creatures were coming out. Your bowel has to move. 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